Anonymous: I'm all for people identifying as otherkin, but aren't nounself pronouns more hurtful than good? Since they cause people with gender dysphoria (or what it's called, I can't remember :c ) to be taken less seriously by therapists and doctors?




lemme explain to you this thing:

  • nounself pronouns are not only for otherkin and it’s usually only non-binary otherkin who use them
  • i’m p sure doctor’s aren’t gonna say “NO!!!BADD PRONOUNZ!!!NO SYMPATHY FROM ME!!!”
  • restricting someone from comfort bc you think it will just make ‘everyone think you’re more weird’ or something is freaking wrong
Anonymous: This blog is just awful, mocking trans people.

i think it’s super funny how everyone thinks that me being otherkin mocks trans people

but in reality i am a Trans and i am very supportive of trans rights and i do all i can to educate others on trans issues

Anonymous: As a disabled person, I find it offensive when people refer to themselves as disabled merely for identifying as otherkin. I shit blood and have borderline personality disorder. Pleas don't compare "knowing" you're an animal to me being disabled. You are creating a mockery of trans rights.

your ask is kinda all over the place so i’m gonna put bullet points to reply.

  • "disabled merely for identifying as otherkin." being otherkin is not a mental disorder or disability in any way, shape, or form. it is an identity as its self. however, many otherkin may link their neurodivergence and otherkin identity. some may think that their neurodivergency and their otherkin identity are directly linked, while others may think it’s not, and that’s definitely okay. i go over this more in here and here.
  • "I shit blood" this is where i start feeling like this message is just a troll. if your feces does contain blood (or, the way you put it, is entirely blood) it means that you have internal bleeding, particularly in your large intestine, which is fatal. if you’d like to explain how you’re still alive if you’re bleeding internally, then i’d like that. 
  • "have borderline personality disorder." your disorder is what it is- your disorder. it is not related to your otherkin identity, if you were otherkin. that’s your personal identity. if someone who is neurodivergent believes that their identity as otherkin and neurodivergency is correlated, that’s their identity. otherkin aren’t telling you what you can and cannot identify as, so don’t do it to them.
  • "Pleas don’t compare ‘knowing’" why do you put knowing in quotation marks? 
  • "Pleas don’t compare "knowing" you’re an animal to me being disabled." i don’t think i ever did. but i do assume you’re talking about this post. i did not write most of this post; i am not numberkin/spacekin/numberkin. the post does not compare your disability to being otherkin, it compares starsdisability to being otherkin. that is stars identity, and i support it along with the individual starself entirely.
  • "You are creating a mockery of trans rights." i’m not sure where this sentence comes in with the rest of your message. considering the majority of otherkin are trans (including me and the individual who submitted that post), and are almost all very serious about trans rights, no, otherkin identities do not make a mockery of trans rights.

if you’d like to come off of anon so that i can know you are disabled and transgender, then please do so.

Anonymous: Are you clinically or self diagnosed OCD

uh, neither! i don’t have/claim to have OCD. 

where did you get this idea from if i may ask :?

Anonymous: um hi ;; i'm starting to believe i'm ghostkin because ever since i was little i've felt connected to creepy things and places, namely ghosts. and i'm not a medium but sometimes i believe that ghosts are..drawn to me? and whenever i go to places that are supposedly haunted i get this really cold feeling but it makes me happy and calm. i'm just not sure if this is otherkin, or if this is ghostkin at all or something else, and yeah i'm kind of confused so help would be appreciated thank you ;;

oh gosh, ghostkin is a super cool identity i think. ghosts are rad!! :D

unfortunately i’m not ghostkin myself so i don’t think i can help you out as much as a ghostkin could, but it does sound like you’re definitely ghostkin. those are all feelings tons of otherkin have (feeling connected to places their kintypes consider home, feeling like you’re part of your kintype).

i’d suggest looking into ghostkin more! maybe ask a couple of ghostkin for their help?? i can’t think of any ghostkin i know, but i know that they are def out there. 

good luck! i hope i could help you out, and welcome to the community if this is what you decide you are!

Anonymous: I saw your post about translating the pronouns to other languages, but speaking as an interpreter/translator, I try to stay as close to the original meaning as possible without confusing my audience. These nounself pronouns pose a problem. For example, let's say the language I'm translating into is Esperanto, which has li (he) and ŝi (she); and ĝi (it) isn't used as a gender neutral pronoun, but sometimes ŝli is used for that purpose. Is it acceptable to use ŝli as a translation for bun? Halp?

(Esperanto translator): Also, in English, it’s acceptable to use singular-they as pronouns, but in many other languages, “they” can only be used for multiple people (this is also true in Esperanto). So I can’t even rely on that.

i thank you for taking your time to send me all this information. i think it might be useful for others looking to translate these things.

honestly, i have no clue. i don’t speak any languages other than english (with a tag bit of german and french, but that doesn’t mean much) so i can’t be a translator for these types of pronouns. 

i suppose that when it comes to translating nounself pronouns, try to use gender neutral pronouns/terms in other languages until there’s a better solution to the translations.

so sorry i can’t be much of help!

Anonymous: does it look like anyone cares about your shitty opinions lmao

if ur gonna try and insult me… here’s an idea……… use something i haven’t already said… and send the ask just once. …. whOa

Anonymous: I may seem slightly ignorant, and forgive me if I am, but I don't understand kin based pronouns, like a dog is still a he or a she, you don't call them dogself.. Can you explain the importance please?

well, first off, they aren’t “kin pronouns.” they are nounself/neopronouns. 

these pronouns are used by folk who feel uncomfortable using the traditional pronouns (such as he, she, or they). they are very important, because these pronouns are made to help each individual user feel comfortable! for example, if someone prefers he/himpronouns, he uses them because they make him more comfortable than the other available pronouns. you wouldn’t use other pronouns on him. that would be pronouns misusage!

i use vixself pronouns when i am identifying femininely (as roxy) because i am uncomfortable with the other pronouns. i do not wish to use he/him pronouns at these times, because usually these pronouns as used masculinely and i am not identifying as such (also because when i do use he/him pronouns, i am being masculine!). i wanted something that still wouldn’t be as feminine as she/her, because i am very uncomfortable when others use those pronouns for me. i chose/made up my vixself pronouns, based on the female term of a fox vixen! however, if someone is unable to use these because they are disabled or english isn’t their first language, they are more than welcome to use my auxiliary pronouns of they/them. 

also, dogself pronouns would be like dog/dogs/dogself. at least, that’s how i’ve seen them put together. example sentence would be, “dog likes dogself when dog wears dogs hat.” and the sentence with he/him pronouns would be  ”he likes himself when he wears his hat.” 

i hope i could help!

Anonymous: hi!! do you know of any informative blogs about otherkin? i have a friend who wants more information about otherkin but im not too big of a help :c any blogs you know of???


here are the one’s i can think of: otherkinavenger otherkinlogic

sorry i know that’s not much

if anyone wants to reblog this and add their/some else’s blog to the list feel free to

whoa hey thats me
actually my vulpinekin blog has tons more info since its been adound longer.
hope i could help!

Anonymous: I have a question I've been thinking about for a while. How would these pronouns be translated into other languages, like Mandarin or any other language that works much differently than English? Thanks!


Generally different languages require different alternative pronouns that are unlike the ones in English. They could be based off the same ideas/words/etc but they would definitely conjugate and appear much different than the ones on our list.

I’ve come across some helpful gender neutral guides in multiple languages in the past and these are some that could be potentially useful:

Hebrew discussion on third pronoun

Talking around gender in Spanish

Gender neutrality in German

Guide to inventing pronouns (heavy linguistics)

Glossary of gender nuetral terms in various languages

Nonbinary terms across the languages

Neutral pronouns in French

Pronoun pronunciation blog

Obviously it’s not a complete list, but it’s definitely in the process of expanding! I hope this helps. :D