Anonymous: "i don’t like to be referred to as a person or human though" Omg GUYz don't misspecies me it's rude I was born with a medical condition where I formed the body of a homosapien but my parents are actually a fox and a dragon. I know it's hard to understand but I am undergoing genetic replacement therapy and having species reassignment surgery in the near future. Plz respect me ok Bc I totally respect trans* people and am in no way making fun of their experiences.

it’s hilarious that you think that i’m transphobic but you still use the * after trans which is totally transmisogynistic and racist so \o/

Anonymous: I feel like this blog is run by a 13 year old scene girl from 2009 who time traveled to the future, discovered MySpace isn't a thing anymore, made a tumblr and told everyone they identify as a dragon How is this real How is this not a troll blog How is this not a joke

that’s a really weird thought to have? but hey, sorry to spoil you, i was actually 10 in 2009. i’m 15 now. and also, the otherkin community isn’t just limited to dragonkin! there’s a ton of different kintypes out there. this blog used to be owned by a troll blog but i took the url because i wanted to help out others. :B

Anonymous: "Otherkin is a thing that has been around for 24 years" I'm guessing you're 24 then?

haha no! i’m 15. it has been around for 24 years though! it originated in the elfkin community, with online forums and newspapers. they were called “elfinkind digest” which you can look into here and here.

here’s some links for you that may help you out: 1 2 3 4

you can see a complete timeline of otherkin history here!

thanks for thinking i am the center of the kinmmunity though hehe :B that’s awfully sweet of you! hope i could help!

Anonymous: to the anon haters: please mind your own business! this person has done nothing to hurt you!

thank u friend! i don’t like to be referred to as a person or human though ^^;

Anonymous: You're transphobic, stop.

is it because i made a powerpoint on nounself pronouns? because in that case i don’t care

but if i did do something actually transphobic then pls do tell me and explain what i can do better. unless yr cis. then leaf me alone

Anonymous: i dont agree with your opinions and views, but i think telling you to go and die is a bit harsh :V

um, thanks  :?

Anonymous: If you identify as an animal or a plant, or anything non-human; you are deluded. There is no possible way for you to be born as an "otherkin". You're trivializing trans people

excuse you? i am dating a trans and am friends with two WHOLE TRANS.

Anonymous: Can you explain fictionkin?

this page should help you!

it’s basically like otherkin, except your kintype is a fictional character/species. :D

Anonymous: Just to point out, 'go die' isn't a threat, it's a request. 'I'm going to kill you' is a threat. That said I can see how anon would feel easier if you were removed from the gene pool. One day you're going to be an adult and the idea sickens me.

ya kno this message is supposed to be insulting but honestly yr hate fuels me and it’s hilarious that so many ppl are so upset by me just existing 

Anonymous: Good afternoon. If you could please, and kindly, shut the fuck up, that would be fantastic. Thank you.

i haven’t even posted on this blog in like a month why are you so mad